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RBC/RCA Staff:

A Ministry of Rosanky Baptist Church
Bro. John E. Abraham
Mrs. Chris Dorgan
RCA Secretary
Mrs. Anne Boatright
P.E. /Martial Arts Instructor
Youth Pastor
Bro. JR Regalado
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     Mrs. Dorgan graduated from Lindenwood College witha   B. A. in German and then Angelo State University to become a Texas certified teacher in education.  After spending 24 years teaching in Texas schools, she took an early retirement to join the staff at RCA in 2005.  Mrs. Dorgan worked with 2nd-4th graders and 9th-12th graders while in the public schools and now works with the intermediate grades here at RCA.  
     Mrs. Dorgan is married and has two grown sons (Thad & Sean).     
 In her 'free time' Mrs. Dorgan enjoys spending time with her grandkids, reading, arts & crafts, and traveling.

     Mrs. Boatright retired in 2014 after being employed with her employer 45 years.  She has volunteered throughout her career in various areas of public service...Dell Children Hospital, Trustee, appointed by Governor Perry to serve on the Board of Chiropractic Examiners Board, served 14 years on the credit union trade association board, and involved in legislative affairs, etc.
​    Mrs. Boatright is married to Clovis and has three grown children  and five grandchildren.
    She enjoys sewing baby quilts, blankets, and has added baking and decorating cookies as a new hobby.